Leave Ozzie Guillen Alone!

Ozzie Guillen did it again and I am not surprised. He stuck his foot in his mouth again. It came out on Saturday night that the Marlins manager said in a recent magazine interview that he loves and respects the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The Marlins tried to kill it dead and separate them selves from his comments to no avail.

The Cuban community in Miami, who are the very fans the club wants to bring to the new ballpark in huge numbers, feel alienated. Many are calling for his resignation as the teams manager. Some baseball analysts are calling for a suspension of at least 30 days. I think it is all too much.

Ozzie tried apologizing during the weekend but it did not go over well. So on Tuesday he will use the teams off day to make a trip back to Miami to address the media about his comment. I am not sure what he can say to make this better or what the club will do to make this situation better if anything.

I think he should be left alone after he apologizes. He has a track record of putting his foot in his mouth. The team knew that when they signed him. He did not say he condoned his actions in Cuba over the years. He just made a stupid statement about the dictator. We all know Ozzie is a great manager but he is also an idiot. I think everyone should take it easy and not make this bigger than it should be.

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