Sean Payton’s Appeal Denied

On Monday NFL commissioner Roger Goodell denied New Orleans coach Sean Payton’s appeal to his suspension for one year. The suspension is coming from an investigation that found the some New Orleans Saints coach staff were paying money to their players for injuring the opposition. The suspension starts on 16 April and goes until after the Super Bowl. At that point Payton will be in consideration for reinstatement.

This suspension is totally justified by Goodell. I give him credit for setting the precedence for punishing such offenses. He needs to do things like this to keep the integrity of the game.

Some think the punishment is too harsh since he wasn’t found directly responsible. I think that is a bunch of crap. As a head coach he should be held accountable for the actions if those under his charge. This will definitely effect the Saints this year. I think they still have a strong chance of competing this year even without Payton at the helm.

The Saints are trying to secure Bill Parcells as their head coach in the mean time. I am not sure that will happen though. I think it could cause too much conflict, if Parcells does well and does not want to leave. Or even worse for Payton, they don’t want him back.

We will have to wait a few months to see how this season will be without Payton and even longer to see how the Saints deal with Payton. Well whatever happens to him I have no sympathy no matter what happens to his career. He should be held responsible.

2 responses to “Sean Payton’s Appeal Denied

  1. Those people out there who think Payton’s punishment is too harsh would probably not feel that way if the head coach was Bellichick instead.

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