RIP Junior Seau

One of the most fearsome linebackers ever to play in the NFL, Junior Seau has died at age 43. Seau was found in his California home dead from a gunshot wound on Wednesday morning. It appears to be a suicide.

If it is a suicide or is not, this is a very tragic event for the sports world. He was in his early 40s and newly retired from playing football. He leaves behind 3 children.

Seau was is a sure Hall Of Famer. He made the pro bowl 12 times and played most of his career for the San Diego Chargers. Although he was never on a super bowl winning team, he will be remembered as one of the greatest defensive players to ever play the game.

Seau will truly be missed by all fans of Football.

2 responses to “RIP Junior Seau

  1. Like you, I remember watching him play. Hard and tough! Every game! Totally sad and almost surreal.
    (Thanks for checking in on my article this a.m. Appreciate it!)

    • Yeah, I really was a fan of his especially when he played for the dolphins. Such an incredible player. It shows how much e was loved and will be missed by all of the tributes that we have seen. Thanks for check out my posts too!

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