The NBA Needs to Shorten It’s Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs began 2 weeks ago. We still have another month and a half before we see who will be crowned the 2011-2012 NBA Champions. The Playoffs last 2 months in total every year. I think the system could use some tweeking to make it less exhausting on the players and the fans.

In 2003 the NBA took what was already a long playoff season and made it longer. The first round series became a best of 7 games match up. The first round was previously only a best of 5 game series. It increased the length of the first round and over all playoff season. A disadvantage was made for the top seaded teams that could sweep their opponent and have to wait up to 2 weeks before their next series started. The down time that could occure could and has hurt many teams by causing them to lose momentum.

The biggest problem the current system has is the tv coverage and how it affects the playoffs. Because the NBA relies heavily on tv contracts and ratings the series tend to go longer than they should. A typical 7 game series can go almost 2 weeks, which is completely ridiculous. The way the best of 7 series breaks down is 2 games in one city, 3 in the other city and finishing the final 2 games back in the first city. One would think that you could play each of those segments back to back each night and then have a day off for travel then play the next group of games in consecutive nights. But what the NBA does because they have to be in prime time and not have games compete with each other for viewers, is spread the games out. So even though two teams are playing in the same city for 2 games they may have 1 or 2 nights off in between. That is stupid, it is a complete waste of time.

Basically you have the playoffs burning out fans, and I think it takes away from some of the excitement. The NBA needs to fix this situation and I am sure the fans would be happier for it. But for now the NBA will continue to be more concerned with tv money and ratings than their fans.

3 responses to “The NBA Needs to Shorten It’s Playoffs

  1. Steven Jeffries

    I think MLB, NBA playoff formats need to be no longer than 3-5 game series, for time’s sake. Of course, money drives the whole thing. More playoff’s…more revenue, from tv, ticket sales, etc.

  2. I am with you Justin.. I think if they were to shorten the playoffs it would create more interest. I know I would watch it if it came down to the best of 3.. Best of 7 is just too long and boring especially having to play the same team 7 times in a row. I really do think they would create more revenue by shortening it out and people will not get bored with it.. I only watch either game 7’s or the finals.. Until they change the format I will not interested..

    • Yeah I think the best format would be best of 3 for 1st round best of 5 for second round and best of 7 for conferance finals and the finals. There is no reason to have a almost 3 month playoff schedule.

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