New name and look,

I started over a year ago.  The site started out as a way to get out my opinion and cover current sports events.  As time went on I found myself going to sports history time and time again for content.  I grew very fond of the subjects in those history articles. 

In January of 2013 I decided to only write about the history of various American sports and current events that are historic.  I feel that the previous web site name did not properly represent what the site has become and what it will continue to be.   So the site has a new name now,  I also decided to give it a new look, pretty cool huh?

All of the previous articles from can still be seen under the new name.  So if you have never read the old articles about old stuff check em out!  Thanks for visiting and to the followers of the site thank you for your support!  Continue through the past with me.


2 responses to “New name and look,

  1. All the best of success to you Justin!

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