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Will the Knicks Regret Letting “LINSANITY” Go?

Jeremy Lin with the Houston Rockets.
(Getty Images)

Last year’s breakout star Jeremy Lin was signed by the Houston Rockets earlier this week.  Lin signed a 3 year, $25 Million deal.  The Rockets had Lin in their training camp at the beginning of last season but let him go.  The New York Knicks had a chance to match the offer given to Lin but declined.  Houston took what many consider a gutsy move for the 23 year-old Point Guard.

Jeremy Lin busted onto the Sports Scene last February when he stepped into the starting PG spot previously held by the then injured Carmelo Anthony.  Lin made the most of his opportunity by becoming one of the teams leaders.  He dominated games and flat out won many for them during his strong 3 week stretch.  Lin was silenced quit a bit when the team started facing off against teams like the Miami Heat.  Lin suffered a season ending injury in March and the “Linsanity” in New York was put on hold.

The craze that Jeremy Lin ignited in New York was incredible.  Over night the city became crazy over this young and recently unknown star.  “Linsanity” was the name and it was popping up on signs and merchandise all over Madison Square Garden and New York.  The possibilities for marketing this type of a player were endless.

“Linsanity” has moved to the great state of Texas.  Will he continue to flourish into the superstar many feel he will be.  That is hard to say but if he does the Knicks made a bad decision.  At this point the Knicks need a star with the charisma and appeal that Lin has.  He has been replaced by a few players nearing the end of their career while he is just beginning his.

If Jeremy Lin’s star continues to rise the Knicks will never forget letting him go.  The New York fans will not let them forget what a grave mistake they made.  The Knicks have been toiling in obscurity for far to long and Lin had shown during the month where he dominated the sports media that he could be the spark the team needed.  The city of New York needed a star like Lin.  The level of regret rides on how well Lin develops and evolves his game.  As of this moment it looks like a bad decision for Knicks to let this player go.  Only time will tell and we should know a lot in just 5 months.


Stoudemire And The Knicks Had No Chance Anyway

Amare Stoudemire
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It was made official today that The Knicks Amare Stoudemire is out for game 3 of their series against the Heat.  The Knicks star injured himself when he punched a fire extinguisher case on Monday after the teams 104-84 loss in Miami.  The Knicks are currently down 2-0 in the opening playoff series.  The knicks have had to see this coming.

This Knicks team was destined for failure this year.  They have not played well as a unit consistently all season.  The only bright spot the Knicks had during the season was the rise of Jeremy Lin.  The “Linsanity”craze did not even last a month.  They almost did not make the playoffs until they had a so-so April.  This is just another example of how this team is doomed, at least for this season.

The first two games against the Heat should be all anyone needs to see to realize they were never going to beat the Heat and advance.  I have no idea why it seems that everyone is shocked by this happening.  The media has been all over this story of Stoudemire missing game 3.  It really does not matter though.  The Knicks had no chance, even if Stoudemire was healthy he would have done nothing to get the Knicks wins over the Heat.  There is really only one story here, it is the immaturity and anger issues that Stoudemire possesses.

The series was likely going to end in the Heat sweeping the Knicks.  The Heat are just too strong for just about any team in the east, especially the Knicks. It will all be over for the Knicks in less than a week from now.  So lets put the story of the 2011-2012 Knicks to rest now.

End Of Linsanity

One of the many Jeremy Lin "LINSANITY" merchandise items that came about through his emergence as a star.

Jeremy Lin’s season is over and so is Linsanity! The season where he captivated America and the sports world has come to an abrupt end.  Lin will be undergoing surgery next week for a chronic meniscus tear.  The surgery will put him out for 6 weeks.

Jeremy Lin caught the attention of the world in February when he stepped in for an injured Carmello Anthony. He came in and turned the game against the Nets around immediately, leading the Knicks to victory. He went from being virtually unknown to becoming a superstar overnight. He conquered Kobe Bryant and the L.A. Lakers, beat the Raptors with a heroic final second three point shot and helped the Knicks beat the defending champions Dallas Mavericks. Lin’s face was splattered all over newspapers, magazines and television as he rose to stardom. The NBA must have loved having this new marketable player come out of the blue like he did. He was a big hit in China, due to his heritage and an even bigger star in New York. The Knicks needed a player to save the team from a losing season and to garner the attention a team needs in a city that never sleeps.
The Knicks played tougher teams going into the All Star break, and started losing. When that happened he faded out of the spot light.  Although he still has been a contributor to the team he is less of a star nationally than he was over a month ago.  Who knows maybe this injury has affected him and he can become an impact player again.
I think that Lin is just a solid player that got a lot of hype for a month and now is going to return to reality.  This injury is the best thing that could have happened to him, he was fading away in popularity.  This at least puts everything on pause and lets some remember that incredible month.  Next season the hype will be non existent and he will just be playing off of the bench again.