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History Now: Samaje Perine Breaks NCAA Single Game Rushing Record

On November 22,2014 in Norman, OK NCAA history was Made. Oklahoma Sooner running back Samaje Perine set a new NCAA record for rushing yards in a single game with 427-yards. Perine did so in a blowout game where his Sooners defeated Kansas by a score of 44-7. Perine also scored 5 touchdowns during this incredible performance.

New NCAA record holder Samaje Perine. (Getty Images)

New NCAA record holder Samaje Perine. (Getty Images)

An interesting note to this accomplishment is how new the previous record was that Perine broke. Just one week earlier on November 15, 2014 Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon broke the previous record with a 408-yard rushing performance. With that performance Gordon broke a record Ladainian Tomlinson had held with a 406-yard performance in 1999.

It is pretty amazing that a record that stood for 15 years was broken twice in one week. Samaje Perine set the bar far higher than Melvin Gordon did just one week earlier. This record will be very hard to beat and will not likely be done any time soon.

Quick Fact: The Madness Began On This Day In 1939

On march 27th, 1939 the first ever NCAA Basketball Tournament began.  The first game was between Oregon and Ohio State University.  The tournament is now know as March Madness.   The interesting thing about the tournament is that it was developed before many homes had a television.  Now the Tournament dominates television ratings every year.  This year will be the 74th year the tournament has ruled March.

NCAA Lays The Smackdown On Penn State Football Program

On Sunday morning the statue of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was taken down and put into storage.  The new school administration figured it was in the best interest in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky trail and Freeh Report to put the  statue away for now.  That did not save the football program from the NCAA’s president Mark Emmert and his wrath.  On Monday morning Emmert announced the punishment that the school would receive for the previous administration knowing and not reporting Sandusky’s criminal acts on minors.

The president of the NCAA, Mark Emmert.
(photo by: Nick Laham/Getty Images)

The punishment levied on the school was announced as being unprecedented and it was exactly that.  The school will be fined $60 million, which is about what the football program generates in revenue during a single season.  The football team cannot participate in any conference championships or bowl games for the next 4 years.  The football program will be reduced in the amount of scholarships it can give out in the next 4 years.  Instead of the usual 25 scholarship the number will be reduced to 15.  The players on the football team will be allowed to transfer to other schools without having to sit out a year before being aloud to play again.

The most shocking punishment came down not on the school but their legendary former head coach Joe Paterno.  All of his victories that he received while coaching between the years of 1998-2008 were vacated.  The interesting twist to the punishment is that coach Paterno reached the record and broke the record for most wins by a college coach in 2001.  Paterno will no longer be considered the winningest coach in college football ever again.

Joe Paterno along with the former administration of Penn State led the football program down into the depths.
(photo by: Ned Dishman/Getty Images)

The NCAA really pulled no punches in this announcement.  It was the right decision.  The schools administration and Joe Paterno sat back after they knew what Jerry Sandusky was doing and did nothing about it.  Paterno instead of reporting the allegations he received about Sandusky went to the administrators of the school.  Paterno should have gone to the police, there is no chain of command when criminal acts of this sort are taking place.  The punishment on Paterno is correct and is going to leave the black mark on his legacy that he should have.

As far as the school goes their punishment is deserving as well.  Penn State should consider themselves lucky that they did not receive the “Death Penalty”, like the once great SMU received in the 1980s.  This way the school will at least have the chance to rebuild their legacy.  I think it will be very hard for them to do so.  The football program will  be tarnished forever.  What happened behind the scenes of that school’s football program over the last couple of decades is disgusting.

Sandusky is about to spend life in jail after being found guilty on over 40 charges of child molestation.  Joe Paterno is no longer considered the great man and coach he once was.  The school will have to deal with the results of bad decisions by many people.  This is the new legacy of Penn State football, let it sink in.

A College Football Playoff Is No Longer A Dream

One of the biggest sports stories of the year and possibly the last decade happened today.  The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Presidential Oversight Commitee signed the documents that will remove the BCS System and put a 4 team tournament in its place.  It was the most hotly debated and demanded topic in the history of college football.  Even the President of the United States weighed in with his opinion on the subject.

The BCS is soon to be gone, good riddance.
(Photo by: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The BCS lasted for 14 years and was created to settle the controversy created by the bowl system that was formerly in place.  The previous system would have team play their final games of the season in bowl games that a lot of the times did not help their case for being #1 and National Champions.  The BCS was supposed to bring order by having the top 2 ranked teams battle it out to crown a National Champion.  It however created a lot of controversy instead.  There have been many teams over the years that have gone undefeated and still were out of the championship game.  There was also a lot of corruption with the BCS Executives taking advantage of the system and wrongly using money to fund parties and put in their wallets.  So the BCS can die a horrible death and rot as far as most football fans are concerned.

Up until now football was the only NCAA sport that did not have a tournament to crown it champion.  In fact the NCAA has not endorsed one single BCS champion as being their champion.

The 4 team tournament system will start in 2014.  That means that we will have two more BCS years but essentially the BCS is dead after that.  The fans of college football all breathed a sigh of relief today knowing that the end of a horrible system is soon to be gone.

The new tournament will be a breath of fresh air for college football.  I do however feel that the tournament should expand to at least 8 teams but hey you have to crawl before you walk.  At least they are giving it a go.  The tournament will mean more excitement and drama not only during the final games but during the season when teams will be fighting to get in.  Sure, there will still be some controversy about some teams not getting in but at least you will have a semifinal and a final to let the teams battle it out.  The way college football is set up with so many teams and many great ones will mean that only the best teams will play for the National Championship.

For decades the college football scene has needed a tournament and the fans have been demanding it.  For a very long time it appeared that we would never see a tournament in college football.  Now everyone can sleep easy knowing that the light is at the end of the tunnel.

2cents’ take on the NCAA National Championship game

NCAA center court logo
Getty Images

After 66 games played in the March Madness tournament the 67th and most important game will be played tonight in New Orleans, LA.  The Kentucky Wildcats will Take on the Kansas Jayhawks in the NCAA National Championship game.  The two teams met in November at Madison Square Garden.  The Wildcats took that game 75-65 over the Jayhawks, it was not as close as the score seems.  The Wildcats dominated the Jayhawks during the whole second half.  The Jayhawks get a clean slate tonight and prove to the Nation they are the best.  They are coming into tonight’s game as 6 1/2 point underdogs to the Wildcats.

Tonight’s game will be won by the Kentucky Wildcats.  I know the cliche “anything can happen in one game”, but not in this one. Wildcats star Anthony Davis, a for sure No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, has been incredible during the tournament.  Davis has shown himself to be a great leader and I see him having a bright future in the pros. In fact the Wildcats have so much talent that three of the Wildcats player are projected first round NBA picks. The Wildcats have had a pretty easy trip through March and I don’t see tonight being any different. Kansas has been good during the tournament but has had a couple of close games the last couple of weeks and just are not consistent enough to defeat the Wildcats.

The fact is that when the tournament started over 3 weeks ago it was Kentucky’s to win.  They are too strong to lose against Kansas on the biggest stage of them all. Tonight the Wildcats will put their names back in the history books as National champs.  The Season will be over they will loose 3 talented players to the NBA draft for sure, but they will recruit well and be back for many years to come.

The Brackets!

Brackets, brackets, brackets! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What an exciting time of the year we have entered again. If you have been living under a rock I will tell you now that it is time for March Madness. Which actually runs into April but who cares this is America and we can do things like that! I can remember being a kid in elementary school getting excited for the NCAA basketball tournament. I don’t know anyone who does not at least know what it is. In fact I don’t know too many people that have never filled out a bracket (My sports hating wife has even filled one out).

I think a lot of the excitement has mostly to do with predicting the outcome of this massive tournament. It is a very unique event in that sense. Just about anyone whether they follow the sport of college basketball or not can give it a try. Countless office pools and friendly wagers dominate this month long period of sport. Bragging rights are definitely on the line. I have already filled out two.

The other great thing is that it provides a ton of entertainment almost dominating the late part of the week into Sunday for the first two weeks then reigning over the last 2 weekends.  The powerhouse teams versus the underdog, legendary programs versus legendary programs, you will be hard pressed to find a boring game.  The unpredictability is also a great part of this event you never know who will be upset. You have got to be a part of it!  If you can’t feel all of the excitement check your pulse and if you are still alive fill out a bracket already!