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Red Sox Ready To Dump $262.5 Million In Contracts

The Red Sox are finally ready to face reality.  That reality is that they need an overhaul to rebuild the team into a contender.  The Red Sox had been ridding the spending train for a long time now.  They won 2 world series titles in the last 8 years while spending crazy money.  This year will be the 3rd year in a row the Sox will not make the playoffs.  The Red Sox currently have a record of 60-66 and are 13.5 games back in the American League East.

The Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers are set to make a blockbuster trade at a time of the season you usually never see trades happen.  The deal would have the Dodgers receiving Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto.  While the Red Sox would receive the Dodgers top pitching prospects Allen Webster and Rubby De La Rosa, offensive prospects Jerry Sands and Ivan DeJesus and current Major Leaguer James Loney.  The deal would free up a tremendous amount of money for the Red Sox, $262.5 million to be exact.  It would be a record contract dump trade.  It has been rumored as of Saturday that the Red Sox might be reconsidering giving up Adrian Gonzalez in the deal.  Gonzalez has been the best performing of the players that could go to L.A.  The Dodgers will be more accepting of a trade that includes Gonzalez.

The Red Sox would have no problem letting go of Carl Crawford who the team sign right before the start of the 2011 season.  Crawford had been a great star in Tampa Bay and the Sox gave him a 7 year $142 million contract.  Crawford had career low numbers in the 2011 season and has only played 31 games this year due to injury.  Josh Beckett is another star who’s time has come to go for Boston.  Beckett once was the best pitchers in the Majors but has now become a pitcher who might get you a win if your lucky.  Beckett has only won 1 game in his last 13 starts and appears to be on the decline in his career.  Its surprising but that is how things appear for Beckett still not at the dreaded 38 years of age where most pitchers fall off.

The Dodgers are ready to play big money ball and do it like other teams in their market have.  The Dodgers are a really good team and are only 3 games back from 1st in the National League West.  The Dodgers will be hoping that the change of scenery will benefit the players they will acquire from the Red Sox.  It likely could, it has worked for Hanley Ramirez who they recently required from the Miami Marlins.  The Dodgers are getting ready for September and a chase for the playoffs.  They look like a team that is going to be a strong contender if they make the playoffs.

Where do the Red Sox go from here?  That is an easy question to answer,  they go for the free agents available in the off season and develop their prospects.  With all of the freed up money they can pursue impact players that can start their franchise back on track towards the playoffs.  The team has a recent history of signing top free agents and this deal allows them to do it again in a way that has brought them success.  It is time for a fresh start for the Sox.  The prospects they would land in this deal would help their future just as much if not more than possible free agents.

Both teams have until the early afternoon on Sunday to finalize this deal.  It is very likely this deal will go down and when it does it will make history.  How much this deal will effect both franchises is the most interesting part of this deal. While the Dodgers could get a boost now while the Sox might be setting up a bright future in this trade.  Only time will tell how this story of the August blockbuster trade will end up.


Memories Of Spring Baseball

Spring training is finally upon us. Finally after five and a half months of no baseball it is back. Back are the boys of summer, fans to the ballparks, warmer weather is coming back and most of all hope. Hope that every team holds of making it to the post season and advancing to and hopefully winning the World Series.

I have many fond memories of spring and the baseball that it brings back every year. I grew up in the city of Lakeland, Florida. Spring training home of the Detroit Tigers dating back to the early part of the 20th century. And I am and always have been a die hard Marlins fan, but I hold a place for the Tigers in my heart.

I would attend many games every year with my father friends and by myself. I would even head to the ballpark early on Saturday and Sunday morning to get autographs and meet with the players as they would head into the club house. I remember being in awe of players like Tony Clark, Juan Gonzalez and Brandon Inge just to name a few.

There was nothing better than sitting in the uncovered bleacher seats in the hot central Florida sun and watching live baseball. Many people that I know think baseball is boring and unwatchable. I find it to be incredible to watch, especially when it is in person. I have always loved the strategy and the unpredictability of the game.

As I have grown old and moved away from my home city. I still am in love with spring training and my hometown team, well at least they are for two months of the year. I am really amped up for the season this year. As the years go by I find myself getting more and more interested with each passing year. I only hope that those of you reading can feel half the excitement I feel about this season coming up. If you do I believe you as well as I are going to Have a great summer!