The 1933 NFL Championship Game: “The First NFL Playoff Game”

The First NFL Playoff Game

Nothing is more exciting in any professional sport than a playoff game. American’s have enjoyed the NFL playoffs for eight decades. Since the NFL’s inception there have been over 500 playoff games. That tradition did not start in 1920 with the league’s inception.  From 1920-1923 the NFL Champion was voted by the team owners.  

During the 1924-1932 seasons the Championship was won by the team with the best record (win percentage) at the end of the season.

“The Final Game Before a Championship: The 1932 Bears vs. Spartans Playoff”

The 1932 season was the final season before a Championship Game was instituted.  The final game of the ’32 season was technically a “playoff” game. The Chicago Bears (6-1-6) and the Portsmouth Spartans (6-1-4) shared the league’s best win percentage of .857.  To settle the tie an addition game was played between the two teams.

The Bears were victorious in that final contest by a score of 9-0 over the Spartans. This game was recorded as a regular season game in the record books for both teams.

“The Birth of the NFL Playoffs: A Look Back at the 1932 Season”

At the conclusion of the the 1932 season the NFL decided that a Championship game would take place at the end of every season. The two teams holding the best record in their division (Eastern and Western) would face each other to determine a champion. Thus began what we now know as the NFL Playoffs.

The 1933 NFL Championship Game played at Wrigley Field in Chicago. (Getty)

On December 17,1933 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL the first NFL Championship Game took place. The Western Division’s Chicago Bears (10-2-1) went to battle with the Eastern Division’s New York Giants (11-3).

This game featured two of the NFL’s all-time greats, Red Grange and Bronco Nagurski both playing for the Bears.

Manders’ Field Goals Give Bears the Lead, But Giants Respond with Newman TD Pass to Badgro

The Bears drew first blood with a Jack Manders 16-yard field goal in the 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter the Bears would receive another field goal from Manders, while the Giants QB Harry Newman threw a 29-yard touchdown pass to Red Badgro. The Giants led 7-6 going into halftime.

When the second half began the Bears would retake the lead with another Manders field goal. The Giants quickly responded with a 1-yard touchdown run by Max Krause, the Giants now held the lead by a score of 14-09. The Bears scored their first touchdown of the game Bronco Nagurski touchdown pass to Bill Karr before the 3rd quarter concluded.

Bears Come From Behind to Win 4th Quarter Battle with Giants

The 4th and final quarter began with the Bears holding a 16-14 lead over the Giants. The lead would change early in the final quarter when the Giants QB Harry Newman completed his second touchdown pass for the day to Ken Strong to take a 21-16 lead.

The Bears came through in the final two minutes to take the lead and the win with a Bill Karr 19-yard touchdown reception.

The Bears defeated the Giants 23-21 on that day. The Bears became the first NFL team to capture a championship via a “playoff” game.

The Debate Over the First NFL Playoff Game: 1932 vs 1933 vs 1967

Many people debated whether the first NFL game was in 1932, 1933 of 1967. The 1932 game was not officially scored as a “playoff” game while the 1933 game was. The semifinal playoff games did not begin until the 1967 season so some consider it to be the first season with a playoff. I feel that the 1933 game was a playoff game and has even officially been regarded as that by the NFL. With that being said, the first ever NFL Championship game was the first playoff game ever.

The Historic First NFL Playoff Game: Bears vs. Spartans

The first NFL Playoff game took place in 1933 with two goal posts in place at the conclusion of the game. The goal posts were used to determine the winner of the game, as a touchdown was worth six points and a field goal was worth three points. The goal posts marked the end zone of each team and also served as a reference point for the officials to make sure that all points during the game were counted correctly. The goal posts were also used to indicate the end of each quarter, as the ball had to be placed between the posts to indicate the start of the next quarter. The use of goal posts in football games continues to this day, and is an iconic part of the game.

“The Beginning of Playoff Football: Chicago Bears vs. Portsmouth Spartans, 1933”

On December 28th, 1933, the very first NFL playoff game was held between the Chicago Bears and the Portsmouth Spartans. The two teams had finished the season with the same winning record, so the NFL decided to hold a playoff game to determine which team would advance to the championship game. The game was held at the Chicago Stadium, and the goal posts were the first to be used in a NFL playoff game.

The game was a close one, with the Bears eventually winning 9-0. While it might not have been the most exciting game, it was a historic one. The goal posts were very different from the ones used in modern NFL games, as they were much narrower and made of wood. The goal posts were also much lower than they are today, as they were only eight feet tall.

The goal posts used in the first NFL playoff game were only used for that one game, and were replaced the following year. However, the memory of the first NFL playoff game and its goal posts will always be remembered by football fans around the world. The game was a milestone in the history of the NFL, and the goal posts will always be remembered as a symbol of that milestone.

The first NFL playoff game, which was held in 1933, featured the Chicago Bears and the Portsmouth Spartans. The game, which ended in a scoreless tie, was played on a frozen field, and the ball was snapped from the line of scrimmage. This marked the first time that the line of scrimmage was used to start a play in an NFL game.

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Despite the cold weather, the game was a hard-fought battle that saw both teams pushing for a victory. In the end, the teams agreed to a tie and the game was declared a draw. The line of scrimmage has been a fundamental part of the NFL ever since, and it has evolved over the years to become the starting point for nearly every play.

“The Historic First NFL Playoff Game: New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears”

The First NFL Playoff Game was an important milestone in the history of the National Football League, as it marked the first time ever that teams vied for the Conference Championship. This exciting game saw the New York Giants battle the Chicago Bears at the Polo Grounds in New York City.

The Giants won the game, and went on to face the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Championship Game. This early playoff game was a huge success, as it demonstrated the popularity of professional football and proved that the NFL was here to stay.

“The Birth of the NFL: The First Playoff Game at Wrigley Field”

The first NFL Playoff Game was played indoors at Chicago’s Wrigley Field on December 18th, 1932. The teams competing were the Chicago Bears and the Portsmouth Spartans. The Bears won the game 9-0, thus becoming the first NFL champions. The game was the first of its kind and revolutionized the NFL, as it was the first time that a postseason game was held. The game also marked the first use of the now-standard two-division format, which helped to even out the competition and pave the way for the NFL to become one of the most popular sports leagues in the world.

“The San Francisco 49ers Make History in their First NFL Playoff Game”

The San Francisco 49ers first NFL playoff game was an exciting moment in their team’s history. It was a battle between the 49ers and the New York Giants in the 1986 NFC Championship. The game was a close one, with the 49ers ultimately coming out on top with a score of 49-3. The 49ers’ defense was incredible, allowing only three points and forcing four turnovers. The 49ers went on to win their first Super Bowl that season, and the rest is history. This game was a major milestone for the 49ers organization, and it will forever be remembered as the first playoff game in San Francisco 49ers history.

The Super Bowl is the first NFL playoff game that concludes the league’s regular season. It is the ultimate showdown between the two best teams in the league – each vying for the championship title. It is the biggest sporting event of the year, with millions of people tuning in around the world. It is a spectacle of skill, athleticism and strategy, as the two teams compete to become the champion. The Super Bowl is an event that has become synonymous with American culture, and is one of the most watched television events in the world.

As I sit here and reflect on the incredible NFC Championship season that has just taken place, I can’t help but think of the future with anticipation. It all began with the very first NFL playoff game, where teams competed for the chance to make it to the championship. That moment marked the beginning of a long journey full of intense competition, excitement, and the thrill of victory. I can only imagine what the future of the NFC Championship will bring, and I can’t wait to continue to be part of it.

The Excitement of the First NFL Playoff Game: A Tradition Since 1933

The first NFL playoff game was held in 1933, and the competition has been a staple of American football ever since. The game takes place anywhere behind the line of scrimmage and the teams compete to score the most points. The winner of this game goes on to compete in the next round of playoffs, making it a very important game in terms of determining the season’s champion. The excitement and anticipation of the first NFL playoff game makes it a memorable event that fans look forward to each year.

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